Friday, April 6, 2012

Be Yourself

Today I was mostly happy... but I will tell you something, a few things happened that let me know that we live in a world full of stereotyping, and some people think that people who look and sound like me are stupid. I can't really tell you why... I have certain suspicious, largely gender related about this, because I think that certain type of people don't seem to think a woman can be intelligent unless she looks like Margaret Thatcher, but let's leave that aside for a moment...

There is nothing you can do about something like that.

One thing about writing something where there is no one who can see what you look like is that you really don't have to deal with what they think about who it looks like you are. The same thing goes for drawing, or painting. These are things you do which are creative things.

Here are some pictures...

Two paintings by Sumiko Saulson

I painted those pictures in Acrylics, and they are on a ledge over the flowers in my garden - which I planted, and I grew, because I enjoy painting and drawing. That's part of who I am.  I like it. The thing is, I like it a lot, whether or not anyone happens to feel that I am good at it, it makes me feel happy and relaxes me: both the painting and the gardening, so I keep at it.

I do what I like to do.

This is a picture of my book...

Shadow grabbing at book

Someone stole that picture and re-edited it and presented it as a piece of his artwork, and the thing is: I took the photo, I even created the artwork on the cover of the book, and it's my shadow so I was messing around quite a bit with that cellphone of mine to get the shot (my dead, old cellphone - I actually got a new one). The thing is, I didn't get credited, and the not-giving-credit thing bothered me more than him using the image, but you can't stop that kind of thing. He didn't even "like" the original Facebook post, but he must have liked it... he stole it.. but I blocked him. I blocked him because I can't trust him not to take stuff without crediting it and he also is, you know, someone who tries to act like what I do doesn't matter.

Sometimes people don't give you credit because they don't want to admit you can do anything well.

I don't know why, I can only guess.

Just be yourself anyway... if you can. If you still can. If you are able.

This is me...

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