Friday, April 6, 2012

Feminism is not a dirty word

In American society, which is supposedly largely liberal, women have a burden to bear that men do not; and that is constantly being attacked for our sexuality, regardless of what it is. If you are a woman, you are so used to it that you probably don't even think about this double-standard or notice that it exists.

Sometimes men are attacked for their sexuality: certainly, this happens to gay men frequently in American culture. The thing is, women are ALWAYS attacked for our sexuality. If you have sex, someone is on your case about it: if you don't have sex, someone is on your case for it. If you're not even remotely referring to sex, often some man will change the topic to sex, and it's not always going to be in such a blatant, in-your-face vulgar kind of way that he will be busted for it.

I have big feet.

It's hard to describe just how frequently a woman is going to have aspects of her appearance and sexuality bought up to her, to her face as determinations of how she is to be judged.

How she is going to be made to feel that nothing else about her matters...

...and by she, I mean me. I mean my sisters. I mean all of us.

So should the political War on Women surprise anyone?

This has been going on all along. It's not new. My 2 cents.

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